Monday, December 06, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #95

I've seen Philco Safety Records before. It's a brand of acetate recording blank.  But all the others I've seen were black.  Phonozoic lists 3 types of Philco blanks, all with black lacquer, all also dated to the very early 1940s. Because of thsi one record I now know that in the early 1940s there was a fourth type of disc used concurrently. It reminds me of the red lacquer Wilcox-Gay Recordio discs that were made in the 1940s. I suspect there may be a reason that both debuted and discontinued the red safety lacquer at about the same time.National manufactured red lacquer blanks in the early 1960s.

This 6.5 inch diameter disc starts at the outer edge, and spins at 78 rpm. It is labeled clearly (a rarity) with the song, artist and date all written legibly. The artist is Billy Heinz who is either a female or prepubescent. The vocals are very clear over the bed noise which I've toned down with a high pass filter.  The song is "Ferry Boat" most notably performed by the Andrews Sisters in the Summer of 1940. This home recording by Billy Heinz was recording about 6 months later.