Friday, December 03, 2010

Radio Tours

I swear I didn't know things like this existed. I knew that radio stations gave tours, I've given them. What I did not know is that some radio stations videotaped them. This is a strategic error. Radio is an audio media.  Until you create a visual image, the listener has no preconceived notions. Let me assure you that they are in fact imagining something much more appealing than the reality of the situation. Of course today is a bit different,  with websites, steaming and studio cams all de rigueur.  But Trust me unless your studio looks like the faux set around Glenn Beck you don't belong in that game.

I've selected a few different ones I found on Youtube for your Schadenfreude.

99.1 WHKO-FM Dayton, OH

 98.5 KVOO-FM  Tulsa, OK

600 WICC-AM Bridgeport, CT

1380 KBWD AM in Brownwood, TX

1240 WWCO-AM Waterbury, CT