Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #75

This is a duo disc acetate recording of a woman singing acapella. It has a center start at 78 rpm. I applied a low pass filter to clean up the noise a tad, and edited out the skips first dubbing at a slow speed to reduce them, then digitally splicing.  I also bumped up the EQ between 170 and 220 Hz because it's a woman singing to improve clarity a bit. She actually can really sing, but I do not recognize the tune. there's a strange echo effect I cant quite place that may or may not be deliberate on her part.
The other side of the disc was largely unrecorded except for some failed recording attempts with 2 or three rotations each. These all seem to have a tone or a few syllables but are largely unintelligible. It sounds like the words "testing" and "hello."  The tones are brief and definitely not recorded at 78 rpm  it is some other odd speed probably achieved while testing the recording unit.But inexplicably some of it appears to have been recorded in reverse...

Not knowing  the tune all I can say for certain is that it was recorded around the time this make of duo disc blank was in circulation. Phonozoic gives a late 1940s date.