Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #92

This actually came into my possession as a pair of 16-inch acetate recordings. I got then in Nevada which is about where the story ends as far as it's provenance. the artist, engineer, venue and region remain unknown.  Not one of the four sides of the two discs has a complete label.  The largest swatch (above) is the size of a postage stamp and bears the date 8-8-54.  it's written three times indicating that the complete label had song titles which were dated individually by recording date. Also, the two discs bear large roman numerals I, II, V, and VI.  These were sides 1,2 5, & 6 indicating that there was at one time at least one more disc in the set. Between the two discs there were 24 tracks of very good fidelity. I post two below:
"Joy Cometh in the Morning"

"We Are Ever Building Temples"

It's simple hymns mostly, a male and female duo, with piano accompaniment. I did spend some time Identifying the tracks.  Many of the songs are covers of old southern gospel numbers, but some seem to be are unidentified originals.  All cuts were recorded at least twice, but there were four takes of "Take My Hand, Precious Lord." I also note that "Till the Whole World Knows" and "Whispering Hope" were both covered by Jim Reeves in the early 1950s. I suspect they were big fans.
When I Kneel Down to Pray
Living for Jesus a Life That is True
I Come To The Garden Alone 
Till the Whole World Knows
An Evening Prayer
Whispering Hope
Take My Hand, Precious Lord
Face to Face with Christ My Savior
Living for Jesus a life that is true
Face To Face