Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc # 55

Very little mystery with this disc. It is one-sided, aluminum core and outer edge start. It spins t 78 rpm as it is labeled. It's also labeled with the year, the month, the song and the pianist. The recording begins with an introduction by the pianist which fills in the rest of the details.
The recording was made February 9th 1949 at Monarskis' Studio. Conveniently this matches the year Phonozoic attaches to this type of Presto blank. The pianist is Cherie Courtois, who sounds all of 8 years old in the introduction. I had to apply a harsh noise filter to bring up her very faint spoken introduction. The Bach serenade of uncertain name is much more listenable.

Try as I might, I cant find a specific piece by that title in a comprehensive list of his works. Regardless since we know her approximate age and the date of the recording we also know that Miss Courtois is probably among us today and much improved at piano.