Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #50

I assumed from the get go that this would be the hardest one I ever researched... because it's blank.  Yes there is no audio on this disc. But having seen three other blanks of this same green and white design, I assumed that the are related. Those are here and here. I have others but they aren't ripped yet. the resemblance is to the Capitol Pro-Disc series.  With the gleaming Capitol logo at the bottom I think that it a safe supposition.The address on the label is a dead end.  Today at 1623 19th street in Bakersfield, CA is Kosmos Sports Bar.
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That lacked panache. I was hoping for a burned out storefront. Sadly every clue at that address is long gone. A random search revealed that as recently as 2005 that address was Victor Victoria's a restaurant and prior to that Goose Loonies, another Sports Bar. The 1953 issue of "The Purchaser's Guide to the Music Industries" Does list Tracey's Music Store. So we at last do have a time frame.

The phone number TR2-3802 which is sadly not included in the Telephone EXchange Project. My other two blanks give me a really wide range on this type of blank. Anywhere from 1948 to 1965. Phonozoic does not list the Capitol Pro Disc either and probably for the same reason.