Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #28

What I like about this one is that KZIP-AM is still on 1310.I thought at first that Hazlewood milk did not, but that appears to be a typo for Hazlewood milk certainly does as it turns out. (note spelling)  I don't know much about the company but they were running ads in the Oregon Voter Magazine in 1919. they seem to have branches as far north as Spokane, but to have been based in Hazelwood, Missouri and are still listed in a contemporary directory of brands .

1310 KZIP-AM in Amarillo is a farm station today, and has probably changed less than most stations in the intervening 50 years or so since these spots ran. they're owned today by Tejas Broadcasting. KZIP used to be apart of the Stone Country Network with KDAV-AM, KPEP-AM and KPIK-AM. The Stone in the Stone Network was pappy Dave stone, who liked to consider himself the founder of country music as a radio format. At the very least Pappy founded KZIP in 1953, there's a little debate on the rest and I'll write about that another time.