Friday, June 18, 2010

What goes up...

I have written several times about how towers are built, and who builds them. I've even written a few times about various tower collapses. I even wrote once about a rare tower theft. (In that case it wasn't copper braiding stolen but the whole tower.) I realized today that I've never once written about the deliberate take-down of a tower. It's very simple to me but a layperson might not realize the predominant method to take down an existing tower: We cut the guy wires and watch it fall over.

That's not an  exaggeration.  As difficult and dangerous as it is to hoist and lock each segment of a tower into place we usually let the wind and gravity do the honors in undoing our labors. We usually watch from a safe distance and sometimes even shoot video.  It wasn't hard to find examples to I have posted three below for your viewing enjoyment.