Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #86

This is a Wilcox-Gay Transcription disc. It spins at 78 rpm and tracks starting at the outside edge. That's about where my information stops. This particular recording is very strange. With the bed music and Foley work, at first I thought it was a old time radio drama. But the scene is clearly all improvisatory, and amateur. I have come around to thinking it was a live performance at some kind of club called the Willmar Farm, owned by William Russel Allen. Or perhaps that's just a fictitious setting. There's an old-west theme, but a good number of references to slot machine gambling.



On Side B they ride down to the Nutt Club in Miami. There's a skip on side B that's irretrievable, some uncut portion of disc that would have been that journey. Side B ends with more slot machines and the decision that they are returning to Clay County Missouri. Ultimately I have no date on this, I'd give it a tentative date for the late 1950s because the condition is so good. but beyond that I have no idea. Phonozoic lists a few very similar looking discs (Type 1A) dated to 1944 here.