Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I-80 to CLE

Diving west, I could hear WQSU in Selinsgrove, PA long before I hit Interstate 80. Theoretically Stage College and Lewistown are at the furthest reaches of their Western coverage, but I was able to get them, on and off all along 322 west bound. Sadly all they seemed to play was a Godsmack over and over and over. Around Du Bois I caught some of 1260 WPHB-AM. They played 2 polka tunes and then the Ave Maria. I have no idea what format that is; Christian Polka? In Reedsville, PA I visited the Big Valley Antique center and rifles through stacks of 25 cent 78s for an hour.

I started getting 91.3 WYEP around Clarion which was at least somewhat audible till I started getting snippets of 92.5 WKHR. WKHR runs a mix of standards and jazz that's just right for rush hour. On the border before Youngstown, OH I caught 88.9 WWNW which was just running generic CHR. In the same town WNIO-AM was rolling with a mix of standards and WLOA-AM was playing country oldies. The latter simulcasts with 940 WGRP-AM.

On the way out of Youngstown I caught 91.1 The Grove City College WSAJ. They were in the midst of a reggae set. Unexpectedly I caught Z88 aka 88.1 WZIP. I always forget how far north their signal reaches. Then as I hit I-480 I heard 88.9 WSTB "the Alter-Nation." They sound more pro than some of the pros. After that it was all Cleveland radio. There's always something interesting inland between the big cities.