Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WSCR memo

Presently the WSCR-AM calls are in Chicago on 670. It's a CBS owned Sports talker. It's been there since 1992. Before that the calls were in 1220 in Hamden, CT. It's a stick currently known as WQUN-AM. In the 1970s WSCR-AM resided on 1320 in Scranton, PA as it had for a few decades. Back in the 1960s it was a Top 40 station. More here.

Below is an internal WSCR memo from 1984, when it was on 1220 in Hamden, CT. I found it inside a 45rpm sleeve. Note the dot matrix printing. It describes a Sales Job at WSCR. It seemed at first pretty pedestrian, but actually, it describes the job of a local feet-on-the-street sales person. It's a job that barely exists anymore. 25 years later, after a wave of consolidation, local sales has become a dinosaur and memos like this probably look a lot different.

This image is 1070 x 1600 so its perfectly readable when you click it.