Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc # 71

This is a fun one. It comes with an exact date written in pen on both sides: 11-20-41. It was thanksgiving day, US/Japanese negotiations had began in WWII, and the very Next day King Biscuit Time debuted on KFFA. Strangely none of that has anything to do with this disc.

It was recorded by a couple on a vacation they did a boat trip and went to a hobby exhibition, LaCrosse, WI, St. Paul, MN, Minneapolis and Wisconsin Dells, WI. It was recorded as an introduction to a motion picture they took on the trip. I spliced Sides A and B into the same recording. There are 2 tracks on side A and 3 on the flip side. All tracks are recorded at 78 rpm and both sides start at the outer edge.

Side A has two takes of an introduction, Both opening with the words "Ladies and gentlemen" intimating a somewhat mixed crowd. He mentions his wife by name, Vera. On Side B they improve a little with a stiff conversation mentioning thanksgiving, the date and a hobby show they are visiting. It ends with Vera addressing her mom directly. But that tiny snippet is dated as well and is for Vera's mom's birthday November 25th, 1941.