Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #91

The Mute-O-Scope connection to Voice-O-Graph is often over looked as obvious as it seems now. The later discs usually just read "Voice-O-Graph" and Mute-o-scope is connected almost exclusively to the tepid 1920s peep show vending machines. The truth is that Mutoscope owned Voice-O-Graph, but that Mutoscope in turn owned (after 1928) by Consolidated Film Industries and then bought by Technicolor in 2000.

This recording is pretty rough. It was recorded at 45 rpm, which dates it to after at least 1950, but probably later. This one in particular had very shallow wide grooves that were hard to rip. I attribute that to a worn cutting head more than anything. the disc itself has a nice sheen indicating that it was stored properly.I have manipulated the audio a bit trying to improve the signal-to-noise ratio but it's still a rough listen. In the recording a man interviews an exchange student from new Mexico named terry Echols about his trip to San Pedro and Disneyland.