Friday, May 07, 2010


Stations flip format every day. Many of them stunt right before that format change. Stunts can be silly, inexplicable, esoteric, or even deceitful. 106.7 KPWT did a very traditional stunt: The count down clock. But as an added twist they did it on April first, the traditional day for fake format flips. This was no prank. This went on for almost a week. Here I edit together multiple clips from multiple days and cram it into 5 minutes of clicking and strange mechanized semi-ominous warnings.

Traditionally the count down clock runs for a whole 24-hour day. They ran it for 5 days, from April 1st to the 5th. Each day the message changed slightly. The whole shindig culminated in a impossible to ignore change of format for 106.7 in San Antonio. They dropped

This is not their first flip of course. Just last May, in 2009 KPWT began stunted Christmas music in their flip from News/Talk to Triple A. On the 20th they followed the flip up with a filed change of call letters from KPWT to KTKX.