Monday, May 31, 2010

Fundamentals of Magnetic Recording

This pamphlet was printed over 70 years ago by Audio Devices inc; the makers of Audiotape and Audio disc blanks. It covered NARTB standards and the even foibles of wire recording which was even then fading out. Much of the introduction reads like anti-wire recording propaganda strongly hyping the advantages of the magnetic recording tape which they of course manufacture. They're not wrong of course. The 6 decades of tape dominance in recording wasn't a fluke.

The information is of course wildly out of date, and reads comically beside modern knowledge of digital recording. But it does serve an interesting counterpoint to the surprisingly terrible audio quality of much modern digital recording that had every chance to be pristine and in the end is often over-compressed, and even distorted. I have scanned all 50 pages into a pdf for your reading pleasure.
You can download all 19.2 MB