Monday, May 24, 2010

Fidelipac Fun #1

I found three old Fidelipac carts in a box, amongst my other archival audio. This one had some real winners so I will be posting a few of those this week. I selected these three because they are very different and will allow me to wander freely into completely different radio-related topics. For the record, Lou at Rollin' Recording in Boerne, TX handled the digitization. The label Broadcast Supply West was not the maker of the Fidelipac, but the label. they still exist today under the name BSW. They no longer make labels for carts.
WECS News Intro

WECS News Outro

Until the the 1940s the sound of news was Morse Code. Walter Winchell tapped a Morse code key through his news & gossip program. I cant even guess why, as the teletype was being used by the AP was early as 1914. The Teletype Corporation closed up in 1990 leaving a nine decade window that should have known the sound. Over time the more common sound of the news did become the teletype. The effect usually sounds like something cruising between 60 and 80 wpm. This recording seems to be that or a similar model. They used an nearly identical sound on CKLW. You can hear that here.