Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #60

This one is not so much of a mystery. It was recorded in Wildwood New Jersey August 24th 1959. It's an interesting disc being a 45 rpm disc. It starts at the outer edge and was obviously recorded after the debut of the 45 and intended for playback on those early RCA devices. The recording ends abruptly with a few of the last grooves cut into the paper label, the audio ends abruptly there.
These three girls: Karen, Noel and Faye took the name "the Pips" probably from Glady's Knight and the Pips; a R&B group that operated from 1953 to 1989. Interestingly the song they sing "Lonely Girl" Is a play on the Paul Anka song "Lonely Boy" which was record in 1959. So their cover was cut at a Voice-O-Graph booth while it was still on the Billboard chart.