Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #51

I bought this disc at a thrift store. It was in San Jose if I recall correctly. It is not labeled, nor are their glue marks where a label was previously. It was recorded at 78 rpm, and starts on the outer edge. the B-side is uncut. The production includes a full string section, and a 1950s pop vocal. I almost wrote this off as a dub of a commercial release.. but I cant identify the song at all. And as much as it resembles rat pack material, I highly doubt that it actually is. Of course it doesn't have to be Tony Bennett to be of the era. There were lesser known crooners.

At the end of the recording he shouts "What the hell am I doing!" and the take abruptly ends. It may even be a blooper. Without a date, name, song title or record label I'm hard pressed to put a date to it. My best clue is the sleeve. The top edge was taped closed with a label and cut open. I scanned and pieced together above. It says "VOX RECORD," probably Vox records; and gives the address 236 West 55th Street, New York. This Vox is is Pathé Vox a distribution company. they existed in that form until at least the late 1950s. But there is no way to know if that disc and that sleeve have always been together. Vox released primarily classical music.