Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc # 53

I picked this disc up at the Mystic Disc in Mystic Connecticut. They specialize in collectible vinyl new and old. 10 years ago they were a more varied record store but have refocused on vinyl in recent years. I cant blame them. Underneath the rack of un-priced new LPs was a mixed bin of mystery which included one single undated Wilcox-Gay transcription recording. I bought it of course.

On the label is a single word written in pencil "Redente." It's Italian, the 1. Plural of "redento" which means redeemed. In context it makes no sense, especially since it's written on each side of the disc. It could possibly be a last name. There is an introduction on each side that explains the recording. Unfortunately there's a dent in the lip of the platter rendering uninterrupted play of that portion impossible without manual intervention. The audio below is edited together from multiple playback attempts. The piano work is competent but lacks confidence, pausing before some of the more substantial changes. But after I heard the intro that made much more sense.

The speaker clearly dates the recording to June 7th 1954. You can actually hear her turn on the mic at the start of the recording. The pianist is 11 years old and at a recital at Saint Josephs school in New London Connecticut. Despite multiple attempts I cant catch her name. Side B has a shorter recording but it has the message at the end and it ends abruptly with no additional information.