Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc # 74

This is a Voice-O-Graph disc and it's in pretty average condition. There are no chips or scratches. It's not dirty, worn nor is it water or sun damaged. But the recording is somewhat distorted. The user was too close to the microphone or alternately too much gain was applied. the end result is some flat tops in the wave form even visible in the digital transfer.

The recording is of a very drunk man singing in a very flat tenor. The song is "I Can't Begin to Tell You" best known for the Bing Crosby version released in 1945. it sold a million copies. So it's unsurprising that it was still popular when this was recorded on July 25th 1946. the handwriting is hard to read but it's says Mr. Fedman or maybe M. Reedman. I can't tell. The handwriting is pretty poor. Only two verses are sung and they are sung out of order. His also drunk friends join in around 00:53 seconds to match him in equally flat harmony.

At the end of the recording after the more tuneful part a second man delivers a quick identification ending most of the mystery. Tommy Levitz recorded it at Seaside Park in New Jersey.