Thursday, March 25, 2010

Randy Michael's forbidden words

I tried to resist touching this but I loathe micromanagement. It's the unwelcome creative outlet for frustrated MBAs. After reading the news I knew that Randy Michaels is running amok. It's not Orwellian.. it's more Monty Pythonian. He issued a list of 119 words and phrases that must never again be uttered within the confines of of 720 WGN-AM.

When executive management wanders off the reservation into programming... something has gone very very wrong. There is an org chart. Use it. If your programmers and producers aren't doing the job - fire them. Hire new ones. Do not hallucinate that you can do the job of any and every subordinate. When you've blown an 8 million dollar buy out the next thing to do is obvious start tinkering with the News style book. Micheals used to be a shock jock back in the 1980s... some people just cant let go of the attention. Not that this is his only ham-handed blunder.. just the most recent.

That complete list of forbidden words is as follows:
Flee, Good News, Bad News, Laud, seek, Two to one margin, Yesterday, Youth, 5 a.m. in the morning, After the break, After these commercial messages, Aftermath, All of you, Allegations, Alleged, Area residents, As expected, At risk, At this point in time, Authorities, Auto accident, Bare naked, Behind bars, Behind closed doors, Behind the podium, Best kept, secret, Campaign trail, Clash with police, Close proximity, Complete surprise, Completely, destroyed, completely abolished, completely finished, Death toll, Definitely possible, Diva, Down in, Down there, Everybody, Eye Rack (Iraq) , Eye Ran (Iran), False pretenses, Famed, Fatal death, Fled on foot, Folks, Giving 110%, Going forward, Gunman, lone gunman, Guys, Icon, In a surprise move, In harm’s way, In other news, In the wake of, Incarcerated, Informed sources say, Killing spree, Legendary, Lend a helping hand, Literally, Lucky to be alive, Manhunt, Marred, Medical hospital, Mother of all____, Motorist, Moot point, Near miss, No brainer, Officials, Our top story tonight, Out there, Over in____, Pedestrian, Perfect storm, Perished, Perpetrator, Plagued, Really, Reeling, Reportedly, Seek, Senseless murder, Shots rang out, Shower activity, Sketchy details. Some (meaning about)Some of you, Sources say, Speaking out, Stay tuned, The fact of the matter, Those of you, Thus, time for a break, To be fair, Torrential rain, Touch base, Under fire, Under siege, Underwent surgery, Undisclosed, Undocumented alien, Unrest, Untimely death, up there, utilize, Vehicle, We’ll be right back, Welcome back, * Welcome back everybody, We’ll be back, Went terribly wrong, We’re back, White stuff, World class, You folks