Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HOU (Part Dos)

I was able to visit Nauks Vintage Records by appointment today. If you don't know, for a collector of 78s, this is like visiting Mecca. Floor to ceiling shelves and cabinets of 78s, transcriptions, cylinders, catalogs, books, periodicals, stampers and phonographs everywhere. It was truly a wonder. But it's auction time so one must consult the catalog to buy. I stopped a little later at Vinal Edge Records and strangely it was there that I bought a stack of records. They have a big selection of vinyl, record players, phono-preamps, CDs and ephemera. It's the kind of place where one finds a portable reel-to-reel deck under a milk crate of reggae 10-inches. I found it by accident and it was a great stop....and then there were taco trucks. Records and tacos, a perfect field trip.