Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Beast of WBSD

I have to admit I like some of the oogie-boogie radio shows. They're utter nonsense, but they make for great radio. Coast-to -coast has an obsessive audience and lights up the phones all night. But there are smaller similar programs such as Uncanny Radio which broadcast on 89.1 WBSD.

Hosts Manwolf and Linda Godfrey present Uncanny Radio a mishmash of horror stories and supernatural pseudoscience. Ghosts, The Jersey Devil, UFOs, Aliens, and Bigfoot are all fair game. It's broadcast on Wednesday nights from 8pm to 9:00pm at WBSD in Burlington, Wisconsin.

The terrain is flat and the HAAT of 92 feet is respectable. (They are housed at Burlington high school but the transmitter is on the somewhat taller middle school building.) But those 210 watts don't quite make the Milwaukee suburbs 35 miles to their North East. it leaves them where most non-coms are: serving a small community. It's also interesting to note that the stations founder, Terry Havel, is still running the station after 32 years. They are also one of the four high school stations in America running a Triple A format: WBSD, WAPS, WJHS, and WYMS. (WYMS is a bit of a stretch)

Host Manwolf is also known as the award-winning fantasy author Stephen D. Sullivan. Linda Godfrey is a journalist, author, and self-proclaimed supernatural expert. They actually got a little TV exposure when they did a program on the Beast of Bray Road. Linda was a frequent guest on Coast-to-Coast...which says a lot about the genesis of the program.