Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Transcription Mystery Disc #79

This disc has no date, no name, and the back side is totally blank. It's a total mystery and the content makes even less sense.

Reeves set up his Soundcraft Corporation began making transcription discs in 1946. This one was recorded at 33 rpm so it was probably recorded after 1954. Reeves was a graduate of Georgia Tech, and a quiet genius. He was the president of Cinerama corporation who worked on audio for film.

He was no MBA. He was an inventor. He who invented the Magnastripe process for field recording. The Transcription discs that Soundcraft made were nothing special, probably an afterthought. Soundcraft was still selling common stock and still making the discs in 1959. The short recording mentions several turning points in car history stopping in 1959 so clearly the disc must date to no earlier than 1960, possibly in the mid 60s.
The recording is of an unidentified male reading a short essay on the history of the compact car.