Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Transcription Mystery Disc #56

It was immediately concerning. This transcription disc started at the center, the opposite of modern convention. It's easy to absorb the direction but the physicals were strangely difficult to visualize. The record only ever can spin in one direction. That direction is clock-wise.
There is only one groove on either side of an LP (typically) This groove runs from the center to the outside edge. But the spiral can be clock-wise or counter clock-wise. That spiral determines if the needle needs dropped at the center or at the edge. [The hum is in the original recording]

On August 10th, 1943 John Miller recorded two songs on a 78 rpm Audiodisc transcription disc. Both sides start at the center. He even credited the original writers of each song. The Lord's Prayer is by Albert Hay Malotte, and Open the Gates is by Phoebe Palmer Knapp. I don't know anything about our vocalist, John Miller, except that he gifted this recording to a woman named Betty with the following caveat:
"What a disillusionment! You had an idea I could sing the Lord's Prayer I see now I should have never tried to record it. In addition to being in bad voice & playing for myself...believe it or not, I was plenty nervous. Hope the novelty of it at least will give you some pleasure out of playing this."