Monday, November 16, 2009

Asher Sizemore & Little Jimmy

I bought this from an 85-year-old man who remembered listening to Little Jimmy as a boy. he sent away for their songbook and 80 years later sold it to me with an Ernest Tubb record. In 1931 Asher Sizemore & Little Jimmy started broadcasting from WSM-AM in Nashville. Little Jimmy was a child star. On his own Asher lacked star power, but with Little Jimmy in tow, there was a revolting cuteness that sold songbooks like the proverbial hotcakes.

Asher had played his own cowboy ballads on WCKY-AM in Cincinatti, and WHAS-AM in Louisville as early as 1931. By 1933 Little Jimmy was big enough to join him and even to harmonize. Early on they split time between the Grand Ole Opry and WHAS but as they began syndication that all came out of WSM. Some of those segments are presenved on 16" transcription disc. By 1940 they had added his younger son, Buddy to the act and were on NBC syndicated across the midwest. By 1950 a third child, Nancy a daughter this time, was added to the act and they were working out of WKLO-AM in Louisville.

Things didn't last much longer than that. Buddy was drafted and killed in the Korean war. The cuteness wore off as the kids grew up. That left nothign behind but Asher's songcraft which had never been enough to get the job done solo.

You can get all 35.8 MB if you