Friday, October 23, 2009

Transcription Mystery Disc # 43

This is a two-fer. I found a pair of transcription discs both SoundCraft Microlac, both recorded by "Air-Tone" located at 1710 Sansom Street in Philadelphia. It lists the phone number as LOcust 3-8388. The selected letter exchange practice with phone numbers died out in the 1960s. the 2-letter exchange standard began in the 1920s so that gives me an initial time frame of 1930-1960. It's not very specific I know.

The disc is a Soundcraft Microlac manufactureed by Reeves Soundcraft based in Danbury, Connecticut - at least at the time of this pressing. Other sources put them at 10 East 52 Street - New York 22, New York City... typical historical incongruity. Anyway Mr. Reeves had a recording studio in New York by 1933, and founded SoundCraft in 1946. On the first disc you can see the SoundCraft label under the Air-Tone label. It's the Soundcraft "Audition" Type 2 disc according to Phonozoic. In the end I put the disc in the early 1950s.

You may notice the name stamped over and over on the discs is Luis A. Fernandez-Rivas. With the difference among the discs I'd guess he was an engineer before I'd believe he was a performer. The first disc is flamenco-ish music with full orchestra accompaniment. It's certainly dubbed from some other source material. The second disc is all Sevillanas and very obviously recorded at Air-Tone. It's a bit muddy and clearly has been played out a bit. maybe Luis snuck some friends in for a weekend session? Who knows. There were a couple Sevillanas to each side of the disc, I've done my best to separate them and EQ them. the last track is a strange piece of all hand drums and flute.. seems out of place. Enjoy.