Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Radio Plays for Children

First published in 1947 by the H.W.Wilson Company "Radio Plays for Children" is no children's book. The manual weighs in at a hefty 285 pages in hardback. Watson adapted stories by R.L. Grimes, and K. Seredy as radio plays for a total of 26 scripts. The wording used in advertisements of the era was 'selected and arranged." It gives instructions on how to get air time, and the plays are indexed by the age group appropriate for each. Of course a Librarian would have an index.

Katherine Williams Watson was not a DJ. She was the head of the children's department of the Denver Public Library. She previously wrote the book "Once Upon a time; Childrens Stories retold for Broadcasting. That one was published in 1942 and presented a set of 8 radio plays that were all first presented on WHAM in Rochester. It was also published by the H.W.Wilson Company.

I know next to nothing about her except that she was interested in radio, and based in Denver. Her connection to WHAM, and Rochester in general... remains a mystery.