Thursday, October 01, 2009

Escape From Norfolk Playlist

Norfolk was bought for the cost 10,000 pounds of tobacco from the Nimcock Indians. It was one of 20 cities and plantations they founded each at the same price. I was there for over 4 days but have survived and have at last escaped to blog again.Gallon Drunk - From the Heart of Town (1993)
Modey Lemon - Modey Lemon (2001)
Breaker! Breaker! - Where all the Birds Yell (2004)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - BRMC (2001)
Bright Channel - Bright Channel (2004)
Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band - Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band (2009)
Breach - Venom (2000)
Nurses - Hangin' Nothin' But Our Hands Down (2007)