Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WDYL moves

On September 1st WDYL-FM changed frequencies. It's a relatively rare scenario to play out now; with the crowded radio band. At 1:59 PM they broadcasted their last seconds on 101.1 FM to 100.9 FM. You can read abotu the engineering changes in detail here.

The downside of such a move is that any big change will at least temporarily lose listeners. However, the increase in power from 4,000 watts to 15,000 watts increases their coverage massively. (Their HAAT increased as well.) This leap means for WDYL reaching not just Petersburg, but suburbs as distant as Williamsburg possibly even splater in the greater Norfolk metro. Their potential listenership could have more than doubled. While the burbs have a lower population density than the metro center, it's mroe affluent, and signal quality is improved in the nulls of center city.

The move was preceeded with growing excitement and immediately attended with a bit of celebration. I have a bit of the audio here for your perusal.