Tuesday, September 01, 2009

R.F. Tuning Circuits

Peak and Band-pass RF Tuning Circuits is Booklet 22FR-2 in that massive National Radio Institute Series of Educational manuals. They are fascinating individually despite the obsolete technology. Collectively they are a history book, more so than any Triassic-period strata.

This one was published in 1938 and concerns exclusively analog tuners. On the last page of the booklet is a Quiz. Would you pass?

1. What does a Sharp peak response curve for an R.F. Amplifier indicate as regards gain and selectivity?

2. Will an R.F. Amplifier which has a sharp peak response curve cause severe attenuation of the higher modulation frequencies?

3. Will amplitude distortion occur when an RF amplifier has a symmetrical double-peak curve?

4. How is a high Q factor obtained for a coil which has a given inductance?

5. Does the Q factor of a practical coil vary with frequency?

...there are more of course.

You can get all 21.69 MB if you