Monday, September 14, 2009

Loudspeakers and How they Operate

This is NRI booklet 26FR-1 "Loudspeakers and How They Work." I have written extensively about speakers in the past. Actually I wrote about them for a straight week back in 2007. This post was almost titled "The Loudspeaker (Pt 6)" Here I can add a nice addendum to that series.

This one is doubly interesting because someone wrote out a question and taped it to the first page:
"What two changes of energy occur in a loud speaker?"
What I found most interesting is that the booklet is old enough that it discusses the action of the horn. We no longer cover this in speaker design because there is essentially no more horn. Yes of course there are acoustic chambers but that old school exponential horn is long gone. This piece is detailed enough to distinguish between straight and curled exponential horns.

You can get all 19.5 MB if you