Thursday, August 27, 2009

Radio Accounting

This is 48RX in the NRI series of unknown size and proportion. It's 29 pages, and laid out similar to the last one. It's an introduction to basic accounting and book-keeping. it's no9t terribly radio-specific. But it's certain that radiotricians as the booklets call them, would need to operate like small businesses.

The full extent of the tailoring is to list expenses as solder, shellac and wire in stead of printer paper, mouse pads, and ergonomic keyboards. On Page 26 it begins a very short dictionary of terms which included the oft-used modern term in radio...

"INSOLVENCY: the inability to pay debts, due frequently to inability to convert assetts into cash. Bankruptcy is an excess of liabilities over assetts making it impossible for the person to meet hsi obligations under any circumstances."