Friday, August 28, 2009


The National Radio Institute claimed to have over 8,000 students in 1922. I have no definitive source for their complete catalog over the years, and thus no idea what those first students were studying. But I have concatenated a few lists of available texts from the 1930s and come up with a partial list of over 80. There were certainly more. The list begins below the Download Link.

Today's booklet is PRACTICAL ELECTRONIC CONTROL EQUIPMENT. It's an overview of "modern industrial magic." It covers an array of automated detectors from photoelectric cells to humidity detectors. The latter detector there uses human hair as a sensor...

For all 18.5 obsolete MB

Acoustics of Buildings
Adopting a Service Technique Set Analyzer Method
Aural radio range-beacon.
Antennas, Preselectors, Frequency Converters And Sound Channels For Television Receivers
Automatic Tuning Control Systems
Common radio terms, symbols, abbreviations
Condensers—how they behave in radio circuits.
Direct Stage By Stage Elimination Method of Trouble Shooting Revitalizing Receivers
Essential Circuits in a Television Receiver
Essentials of Indoor and Outdoor Public Address Systems Part 1
Essentials of Indoor and Outdoor Public Address Systems-- Part 2
Essentials of Radio Circuits and the Meters Used To Test Them
Field and Bench Testing of Radio Parts
Geometric and Electronic Optics
How Detectors Work In Sound And Television Radio Receivers
How Electricity Is Generated For Use In Radio Systems
How Resistors Are Used In Radio To Control Current
How Sounds And Scenes Are Converted Into And Reproduced From Electrical Signals
How The A.C. Receiver Gets Its Power
How The Cathode Ray Oscillograph Is Used In Radio Servicing
How To Eliminate Man-Made Interference
How to Install and Service Auto Radios
How To Recognize, Locate and Remedy Internal Receiver Noise and Intermittent Reception
How To Select A Good Radio Receiver
How To Start A Spare Time Radio Business
How to trouble shoot by the point to point voltage and resistance methods
Impedance Matching Networks, Pads and Volume Controls
Impulse Separators, Sweep Circuits and Power Supplies For Television Receivers
Introducing You to Radio
Language of radio-tricians
Light-sensitive cells for control circuits
Low frequency amplifiers for sound and television signals
Meters For Measuring Current The Cathode Ray Oscillograph
Modulating and keying radio transmitters
Photo Audio Amplifiers Power Level
Photoelectric control circuits with relays
Photoelectric Control Circuits With Relays
Pointers on promoting inventions
Power Audio Amplifiers
Practical electronic control equipment
Practical Electronic Control Equipment
Practical R.F. Circuits And Methods Of Controlling Volume
Profits from new inventions.
Radio accounting and records
Radio Accounting and Records
Radio aids to air navigation.
Radio And Electronic Tubes At Work In Typical Circuits
Radio and electronic tubes at work in typical circuits
Radio Formulas And How To Use Them
Radio Frequency Amplifiers For Sound And Television Communication
Radio indicator systems for air navigation
Radio measurements in transmitters
Radio Merchandising
Radio receiver troubles, their cause and remedy
Radio Salesmanship
Radio Transformers and the Principle of Tuning
Recent Developments in Loudspeakers and Tone Controls
Requirements of a Television System
Resistance, Capacity, Inductance And Frequency Measurements
Servicing broadcast and all-wave superheterodynes
Servicing of Television Receivers
Servicing Sound Reproducers and Pickups
Servicing, checking and equalizing audio amplifiers
Special Power Supplies For Radio Equipment
Special power supplies for radio equipment
Superheterodyne receiver principles.
The Language of Radio-Tricians
The Radio Frequency Amplifier And How It Works
The Correct Professional Attitude Installing and Servicing Radios
The Theory of Light
The Use of Arithmetic in Radio
Transmission Lines and Filters
Transmitting antennas and couplers
Tuners and Wave Filters
Tuning Indicators and Automatic Frequency Controls for Radio Receivers
Types of Radio and Electronic Tubes; How They Operate
Use of Arithmetic in radio
Uses For Optics In Electronics And Television
Vacuum tube as an AС. generator in radio-television circuits
Video I.F. Amplifiers, Video Detectors and Automatic Gain Controls
Voltage Measuring Devices and Their Use
Weather and weather dissemination