Thursday, May 21, 2009

CBS KNX postcard

Above, an artifact of a very different era: Colorpicture Ltd. of Boston made Plastichrome Postcards. I know nothing of post cards but would guess this is from the 1960s. has a similar one that seems to be from the 1950s. At that time one would guess that a vacationer would care enough about an AM radio station to send home a postcard just because they had stopped there.

In comparison, this week R&R started cutting Clear Channel stations from their reports because they are no longer locally programmed. They are essentially sat-casters, zombies. They cannot serve their market, they can barely remain on air, their ratings will falter, they will likely fail to convey information in an emergency. If you have no local staff, no local marketing.. how are you better than an Ipod?

The back of the postcard reads:
"Holllywood Calif. Built around a verdant forecourt, these studios are the spot where most CBS West Coast broadcasts originate.