Friday, April 03, 2009


The Carne Asada burrito is the breakfast of champions. Choco's made the best burrito I ever ate in a parking lot. Bakersfield was a wash otherwise. Buck Owens was from Bakersfield, but he's dead. In his honor I listened to rockabilly mix for much of the drive.I made a decision. Knowing that I-5 from Bakersfield to Riverside crosses the worst traffic snarl in America. I decided to go out Route 58 to Route 395 South. Route 58 was mostly mountains, scenic and idyllic. The roads meet in a town called Boron. It's on the western edge of the Mojave desert. It's not Death Valley, there are no sand dunes. It's scrub brush and Joshua trees. But it's hot, flat and dry. In that stretch of road I found no new radio stations, most signals petered out to nothing. On Route 58 West hugs Edwards AFB so there are no stations there, just two very creepy looking desert hotels. At Kramer Junction where 58 South crosses 395 I just started to get two Barstow stations: KODV and KDUC. Down 395 there's nothing but static locally until Victorville where KPFK, and KUSC come in from L.A. 910 KRAK-AM runs adult standards out of Hesperia but their playlist is very soft. I stopped at an antique shop in Kramer Junction and was fixated on a engine mounted so it's fan spun in the wind.

In the middle of 395 is the Manzanar National Historic Site. The place where the U.S. maintained a concentration camp from 1942 - 1945. As we I re-enter civilization a.k.a. San Bernardino, 88.3 KUCR comes in, then 94.3 KJVA-LP a local spanish station. KSPA 1510 nostalgia, KSWD 100.3 AAA.... and of course at night XETRA-AM 690 the infamous border blaster.