Thursday, February 19, 2009

Adam Carolla is out

I'm no big fan of KLSX, but I liked Adam Carolla. Like any morning zoo it could be rude or obnoxious but they were a cut above the rest. Adam was one of those people that belonged in radio. His first radio gig was actually in 1984 as the character Mr. Mirchum on the KROQ morning show. He was friends with Jimmy Kimmel, and that got him the shot. But he proved himself. That gig led to his spot on the radio show Lovelines which was syndicated by Westwood One. That gig lasted 10 years. It went to TV and his time on the tube is probably what made The Man Show possible.

In 2005 he left Lovelines to start his own morning show, The Adam Carolla show. When Howard Stern left for XM Carolla actually got the morning slot in many of those markets. Today he's carried on KUFO, KFRR, KEDJ, WZAN, KSEK, KMRJ, KEGE, KWOD, KNDD, KRZQ, KZZE, It was good, his ratings were strong top 10 and somtimes top 5.

On the 18th infinity announced they would be flipping KLSX to another homogeneous CHR format. Even while the ratings are trending up CBS has to make a had decision about their stock price. Carolla referred to Top 40 as "the nectar of the tards." I couldn't agree more. I was going to post a clip but Carolla put some audio on his own blog that was better. The link is here.