Monday, January 05, 2009

Landing in Lousiana

Not my first trip and probably not my last. I reserved a Dodge Charger at the car rental desk. There is no more appropriate vehicle with which to traverse the south. It rained much of the day, and my boots are on the radiator drying. But thanks to wick-away socks at least my feet are dry. I'll be on the road the rest of the week, so these small early victories are critical to morale.

I spent much of the day listening to 91.1 KLSU while I worked. They are an eclectic college station, but they clearly have a clarity of vision in DJ training. Individual programs are cohesive and they operate on a DJ buddy system with new DJs training live with the more seasoned veterans. I understand that hurricane Ivan took them down for a while, but today they are strong and clear.

90.3 WBRH is playing jazz standards and while stiff, it's a welcome change from the reading services that were all I caught in past visits. 89.7 WPAE there is an amazing old-school fire and brimstone preacher sounding a little like a relic informing listeners who, and how they are all burning in hell. His voice in it's shrieking highs sounds quit convincing. I actually wish I could tape a little of this maniac to share but I don't have the cables on hand.

1260 KBRH-AM
, despite it's crippling PM power-down from 5000 watts to 127 is actually somewhat audible. It's a damn shame they use it to play bad 80s singles.