Friday, November 21, 2008

KVPR at night

A couple weeks ago I emailed 89.3 KVPR just to ask about an unusual programming decision. they did not respond. In all fairness they may have taken it as mockery. At night, Valley Public Radio airs ocean sounds. So far as I know, they are the only station in America that does so. That makes it obscure trivia, even maybe arcane trivia.

What I wanted to know was when they began the practice. It's expensive to broadcast 24/7. many stations run caned music at night, take Jones satellite feeds or even shut down for a few hours. Uniquely in Fresno, KVPR stays on air broadcasting soothing nature sounds of the beach, waves and seagulls. They run a loop from about midnight to 3:00 AM Monday through Friday and midnight to 5:00 AM on weekends. It's also worth saying they simulcast on 89.1 KPRX Bakersfield.

So, open questions:
1. How long have they run this programming?
2. Who started the tradition?
3. Does any other station do something similar?