Monday, November 17, 2008

KBDS goes dark

"Go dark" is the terminology that we use in radio to describe when a station shuts down. It's not for electrical problems, or a flip, stunt or move, it's strictly for stations that have wither run out of cash to operate, or have had their license canceled. A number of stations have gone dark this year. Times are tough. But November 14th KBDS went dark. Below is audio the sign off.

Under the brand "Play 103.9" the Radio Campensina company brought a CHR/Rhythmic to Bakersfield, California. Strangely the sign off was entered into their Wikipedia profile the day prior.
Normally I'd be more sympathetic, but this is the same station that in 2005 was sued for a bait-and-switch contest. Contest winner, Shannon Castillo, was told she had won a new Hummer H2. When she arrived to claim her prize, she was instead given a remote-controlled model. KBDS DJs followed this up by repeatedly mocking her on air. They've also received a number of FCC fines for EAS violations.