Monday, October 06, 2008

Transcription Disc #117

I'm no anglophile, but I think this one crossed the pond to get to me.This one is unique in my collection. It was recorded at 33.3 rpm, and is clearly designed for playback with a diamond stylus on a normal turntable. Most transcription disc we come across at recorded at 78 rpm, and meant for the old-fashioned steel needle. The blank is made by the MJB Recording and Transcription Service. This is the same company that recorded Michael Palin and Terry Jones Recorded (of Monty Python) at Oxford in November 1964. There is another MJB in New Jersey but they only came into existence in the late 1980s, clearly not the same company.

The album opens:
"This record contains three songs by my father, James Cavett in 1970. The first is a ballad called "Jocular Jordans" and relates episodes from the history of the village. Every year from it's inception in 1919 an annual supper has been held by the curent members. verses of Jocular Jordans were sung at these suppers by my father in the name of the village bard. Each year for many years a new verse was added, recording some event of note. This version of Jocular Jordans contains the most important verses."

The second song it set to the tune of "Rule Britainia" and is called "Good old Jordans." The third introduced by my father, but composed by another Jordan's worthy Henry Dalton and is set to "Auld Lang Syne."

But I could be wrong. there's a Village of Jordan in New York State and another just across the border into Canada from Buffalo, NY. But with the accents, and the Monty Python Connection... I'm leaning UK, because I think he says "Village of Jordans" referring to the one in Buckinghamshire. Weirdly this happens to be the current hometown of Ozzy Osbourne.