Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Movie Night with W6OJ

This is the story of cameraman Clyde DeVinna. DeVinna was a bit of an adventurer. He retired in 1952 finally deciding he was more interested in travel than Hollywood. In 1933 DeVinna was in Alaska filming scenes for the movie Eskimo where he "camped out" in a hut. The gasoline heater was malfunctioning and carbon monoxide fumes began to fill the hut. In this MGM short, the actor Alonzo Price portrays plays the role of real-life cameraman. He makes a distress call on his ham radio W6OJ. A series of radio hams relay the message until help is called.

This is non-fiction. The 1932 Volume 16 issue of QST magazine even covered this in brief. Long Island Podcast also did not one but two episodes dedicated to the tale.