Monday, September 08, 2008

Transcription Disc #66

I bought a box of 45s in Canada, one of them was not a typical 45, it was a 45 rpm transcription disc. It lacked a normal center label and on one side the acetate had chipped away around the spindle hole. The disc had no indication as to it's age or origin. There are some indications that there were numbers etched at the center.. but those are chipped off.

The 7-inch, 45 rpm platter only became a commercial format in 1951, after a soft debut in 1949. It gained popularity probably peaking around 1954. But as a recording format, it's more obscure. Of course in Canada 7-inch records had been common since 1890. Gramophone made hundreds of 78 rpm records. This was recorded after 1950 certainly but when and by who?

The tracks Mrs MacLeods reel, and MELEDY OF WALTZES, are just song titles. Mrs. MacLeods Reel actually is Mrs McLeods Reel, though often written as miss. It's an old folk song. With that mispelling and the obvious mispelling of medley... we can assume that the musician was a poor typicst if not a poor speller. My guess is that this was recorded in the late 1950s but I've got nothing to back that up with.