Monday, September 15, 2008

Over the Radiophone

Way back in 1922, back when radio was the hottest, coolest most new-fangled thing since the printing press, they were heralded in song. This one is titled "Over the radiophone Please let me talk to my mammy."

It was composed by William F. Holliday, and it's lyrics by Richard W. Pascoe and the sheet music publisher was Jerome H. Remick Co. The song is intended to be performed just as piano and voice. You can download a .pdf of the sheet music here.

It bears a slight lyrical resemblance to the 1926 tune "Tell Mama Sing Me A Lullaby Over The Radiophone, by Oscar A. Hill. For the record there appears to be no infringement.

I can't prive it, but because of the time-frame I suspect that this William F. Holliday is the same William F. Holliday who was Program Director of 950 WWJ-AM in Detroit that same year. You can read more about their history here.