Thursday, September 18, 2008

M = 5%


It seems impossible. This is post number one thousand. On May 13th of 2005, I sat down and started writing about the strange, senseless and sometimes sordid history of radio. Somehow I've managed to post every weekday for more than three years, a total of one thousand days. ...and in all that time I never managed to come up with a decent logo.

In 2003 it was estimated by Blogcount that there were 2.9 million active blogs. That was on the upswing, by 2006 the Pew institute had somehow divined that growth in Blogs had slowed. Those blogs don't usually survive long. 60% are abandoned within the first two months, over a million blogs are abandoned after a single post. The average life of a blog after they pass that stage is a mere 126 days, another 100,000+ are cast aside after the first 12 months. The cumulation is a first year mortality rate of 95%.

Today I will celebrate by going to bed early. See you tomorrow.