Thursday, July 09, 2009

Learning Morse Code

I rarely endorse products, even free ones. But If you want to learn Morse code, I must recommend you try the Koch Method. You can get an Amateur license by passing only a 5-wpm test. But slow Morse sill requires you know Morse Code. Real proficiency is useful, possibly even life-saving, so a goal of over 12 wpm is sensible. Wrote memorization sucks. It's slow and it relies on the same dumb part of your brain that refused to recollect all your rimes tables. There is a better way. it's called the Koch Method. Koch's method was invented by German psychologist Ludwig Koch in the 1930s. More here, and here.

It's less reliant on wrote memorization and raw speed exercises. It works with a software application and adds one character at a time and relies on exercises and retesting. Think of it as Rosetta Stone for CW. You can download that HERE