Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Morse code over IRC.

So this isn't very radio-centric. But it's highly arcane. CWirc is an X-Chat plugin that enables a user to send and receive morse code over IRC. It's Linux -based and therefore mighty. With it you will actually connect your Morse key to the serial port of your PC and tap just like you would when connected to a transmitter. It does nto decode the code, it only sends and receives the dashes and dots. Only other CWirc users can receive what you send.
"The transmitted morse code can be received in near real-time by other X-Chat clients with the CWirc plugin. CWirc tries to emulate a standard amateur radio rig : it sends and receives morse over virtual channels, and it can listen to multiple senders transmitting on the same channel. Morse code is keyed locally using a straight or iambic key connected to a serial port, or using the mouse buttons, and the sound is played through the sound card, or through an external sounder."
Download here