Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WGTX - the phantom station!

It starts off way back in 1988 at WTUR. Truro Wireless applied for and got a CP for a 3000 watt station on the far end of Cape Cod. But then the Truro city government who tried to prevent them from erecting a tower. So the station couldn't operate at full power. They ran intermittently at a greatly reduced 340 watts at a mere 30 meters HAAT. Thsi was not a real attempt at broadcasting, it was just to maintain their license. They changed the calls to WCDJ in 1992 just to keep things interesting.Almost two decades later in march of 2007 Truro Wireless, tired of fighting the man, sold the license to Dunes 102FM LLC. They changed the calls to WGTX. Dunes is a company started by legendary Boston radio man Ron Robin with his partners Tom Troland and Edmund Teo. Ron has been at WERS, WLYN, WFNX, WKBR, WMEX, WVBF, WBOS, WHDH, WBZ and produced the award winning weekly program “On Being Gay” on Provincetown's WOMR. More here.

Ron got the job done. Previously, the nameless Truro government officials had objected to having the tower within city limits. Ron went before the Truro Planning and zoning Board in February 2007 for a special permit to place the necessary transmitting antenna on a 35-foot utility pole. But that was a temporary fix.

He also applied for more powerful facilities 3000 watts at 134 meters HAAT. That will blanket the upper cape (and a whole lot of open sea.) But we're not out of the fire yet. The current CP February 04, 2011... maybe one day there will be a station .