Thursday, May 15, 2008

Radio Mix

I thought about making a radio mix many times but was the first site that presented me with a good way to do that. I like making audio available for download but I'm not too interested in bringing the RIAA to my door with a steroid-fueled ATF team to seize my record collection. Muxtape lets me stream the songs in a mixtape-like set up. It lacks the allure of taping over a C60 recording of a political rally. But it ain't bad. Click here to proceed to Muxtape.

Weston - Radio
Shotmaker - Shortwave Radio
Wall of Voodoo - Mexican radio
Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Radio, Radio
The Clash - Radio Clash
The Photo Atlas - Broadcasting Feedback
Tiny Masters Of Today - Radio Riot
Red Orkestra - Radio Towers
Bring Back The Guns - Radio Song 4
The Walkmen - Radio
Radio Zumbido - Radio Solola
Dead 60s - Radio Riot