Friday, May 16, 2008

Auto Racing on Radio

In the last century almost any imaginable type of radio program has been attempted. There are book shows, cooking shows, advice programs, political talk, sex talk, interview programs, football, baseball, and basketball. But some sports don't lend themselves to radio, at least I didn't' think so. So of the major sporting seasons there are only two that didn't make the cut. Ones too fast the others too slow: auto racing and golf.ESPN synchronized swimming. For all that's going on, none of it translates to really changed that. They've covered ping pong, sumo wrestling, arm wrestling and even good play-by-play. On 1090 XESPN in San Diego the only local program is an auto racing show on Sunday mornings.

Their Golf Talk program is based at 1230 KGEO-AM. It amazes me but they actually have affiliates for it. If you listen to this I want to know why. As a network they have no programming quality standards of any kind. It's improved since their inception in 1992, but I think it has roots in their cable TV roots.

ESPN is an acronym for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. Originally this was a cable network. It was founded by Bill Rasmussen, formerly a reporter for WWLP-TV. His single satellite channel ran sports programming 24 hours a day. In order to do that they broadcast some lesser events: Australian rules football, badminton, pro-wrestling, slow pitch softball... While this was largely cured in their TV programming, this seems to have lived on in their radio programming.